Sen. Lindsey Graham on invading Syria to defeat ISIS

Senator Lindsey Graham talking about invading Syria to stop ISIS.


LG: To get ISIL out of Syria where they have their largest haven, you’re probably going to need 100,000 troops — about 10,000 American.

And we need to go in there and clean these guys out and hold the territory.

There are thousands of foreign fighters in Syria, many of them have Western passports, they’re going to hit us if we don’t do something about it.

And that’s going to require us, partnering with people in the region, Arab armies, providing capabilities they don’t have, to take these guys on and hold the territory once you take it.

Q: Just so I understand, are you suggesting an invasion of Syria?

LG: I’m suggesting that somebody better go in on the ground and destroy ISIL in Syria, they aren’t going to surrender.

Q: But it’s got to be at least US lead?

LG: There’s gotta be Arab generated Armies with a US component. We have air forces. They don’t. We have technical abilities. They don’t.

There is no way you’re gonna go in and hold the ground after you take it without an American component.

It is in our national security interest to destroy ISIL before they hit us here at home. It is in our national security interest to have some of our soldiers over there preventing them from coming here again. We’re gonna have another 9/11 if we don’t do something about this. The storm clouds are gathering over in Syria and Iraq and Yemen.

And at the end of the day the Arabs need to do most of the fighting, but to think we can defend America with no troops over there is naive.

And I’m here to tell people, if I’m Commander in Chief we’re gonna do what’s necessary.

We’ll need thousands of our soldiers over there helping armies in the region to do things they can’t do to protect millions of us here at home.

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