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Kay Orr

In an exclusive interview, Jerry Kratochvil sits down with former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr.

Governor Orr talks about her position on the Board of Trustees of Hillsdale College (considered by many to be the best conservative college in the country). She tells about how the school started, their mission and where they stand today among higher learning institutions in the country.

They then discuss how she got her start in politics — rising from a door-to-door volunteer for Barry Goldwater, to Chief of Staff for Governor Charlie Thone, to State Treasurer, and on to become the state’s first female Governor of Nebraska and the first Republican female Governor in the country.

She shares some of the perks of being Governor and her relationship and interaction with President Ronald Reagan. She also shares her thoughts on the current state of the Nebraska legislature, not to mention the Unicameral itself.

They conclude with information about the upcoming Free Market Forum in Omaha which will include Hillsdale President Larry Arnn and economist Art Laffer, among others.


Governor Orr also gave me a quick tour of her photo wall, which included…

Kay Orr - F4 Air National Guard

Perks of being Governor — you occasionally commute to work on an Air National Guard F4.


Kay Orr - Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher

Meeting Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Reagan.


Kay Orr - Hershiser Reagan Thatcher

Later on — at the final State Dinner of the Reagan Presidency — seated at the head table with Prime Minister Thatcher and between President Reagan…and recent World Series winner, Orel Hershiser.


Kay Orr - George H.W. Bush
With President George H.W. Bush.



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