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Lee Terry 02Jerry Kratochvil interviews former Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry.

Lee tells Jerry about his life since leaving Congress in 2014 after 16 years in office (not including serving on the Omaha City Council prior to that). He tells a bit about what issues he is involved in now and how he has kept up with the issues since then.

They then get into the discussion of Congressman Terry’s opposition from within his own party that began back in 2010, and eventually resulted in his loss in 2014. They talk about the influence of the “Tea Party” and the source of some of his opposition in his races, including the TARP bailout.

They then talk about some of the issues and dynamics of the 2014 General Election, including the now notorious, “Nice House” comment. Lee continues by talking about some of the more memorable issues during his term and the work that he did in Congress.

They then get into Lee’s thoughts on some of the current day’s politics, including how the 2nd District race is shaping up, his thoughts about General Don Bacon and the current politics and policy surrounding the Death Penalty in Nebraska.

They conclude with Lee’s thoughts on the Iran nuclear deal, the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Boys Town Coin.

On the Web: Lee Terry at Kelley Drye
Twitter: @LeeTerryNE


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