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Garth Glissman & Jerry Kratochvil (clearly standing in a hole).

Jerry Kratochvil interviews attorney, Douglas County GOP Legal Counsel and former Nebraska quarterback, Garth Glissman.

Kratochvil begins by asking, and Glissman makes an announcement, regarding his plans for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat.

Glissman discusses his background in politics, as well his job as Legal Counsel for the county party.

They continue their discussion of the state of the Republican party in Omaha and Douglas County. And they talk about the state of the Republicans in the Unicameral and some of the issues and votes there.

They conclude by talking about some of the current Presidential candidates, and their access in Iowa. Glissman also gives his preference, and why, for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.44.40 PMAnd Glissman finishes by talking just a bit about playing under both Frank Solich and Bill Callahan.

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