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David Young Pork Chop 02Jerry Kratochvil interviews Rep. David Young (IA-03).

Congressman Young talks about his travels around Iowa’s 3rd District since the end of the County Fairs to the end of the State Fair in Des Moines. He discusses some of his meetings with constituents and what their overriding concerns are.

They then take a deeper dive into Congressman Young’s recently announced decision on the proposed Iran Nuclear deal and the Congressman’s thoughts and reasoning behind his decision on the deal.

They then discuss the upcoming issues before Congress in Washington, including the threatened government shutdown by President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Reed — both of whom want to increase spending over what the Republican majorities have passed. They dig in a little further about what some of those appropriations include — and more about what they DON’T include, on such issues as water and transportation.

They touch on the “Trump Effect” on the Presidential race and how it has impacted Iowa. The two then conclude their discussion with the Congressman giving 4 or 5 of his top dining experiences across the district over the past month. Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” has nothing on Congressman Young’s dining across Iowa’s “Sweet Sixteen”.

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