The Wheels Down Politics Show – State Sen. Mike Groene

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552d880130960.imageJerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska State Senator Mike Groene (LD42).

Jerry and Senator Groene discuss his involvement with the signature petition process to stop the Death Penalty repeal. They talk about Groene’s background and experience in past signature petitions and how he came to be involved in politics at the state level.

Then they get into some of the nitty-gritty of the petition process, his strategy for where to find signers, and how he worked with fellow volunteers in collecting signatures in western Nebraska.

They then discuss Groene’s involvement and founding of the Western Nebraska Taxpayers Association as well as starting the Platte Institute with Pete Ricketts and others. Groene discusses his thoughts on the tax system in Nebraska, what he can work with and where he takes his stands.

They conclude by talking about Groene’s priorities for the coming legislative session, as well as who he is supporting for President (and Vice President!) of the United States, and why.

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