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Jerry Kratochvil interviews Ian Swanson, candidate for District 31 in the Nebraska Legislature.

Jerry talks to Ian about his campaign for the Unicameral seat now held by Democrat Sen. Rick Kolowski. Swanson tells about some of his background in politics and why he is interested in running for the Legislature.

They talk about some of the big issues from the last legislative session in Lincoln, and Ian’s stance on some of the votes that came down, including the Gas Tax and the Death Penalty repeal.

Ian tells Jerry what his priority issues would be in the Legislature and what he would push as a State Senator and why. They also discuss some of the issues of the day including Charter Schools.

They conclude talking about the endorsement Ian has received from former Governor Kay Orr, and his background at Hillsdale College and his involvement in…Miss America Pageant.

On the Web: Ian M. Swanson for Legislature
Facebook: Ian M. Swanson
Twitter: @I_Swanson


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