The Wheels Down Politics Show – Jim Vokal on the Con Agra move

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Vokal - formalJerry Kratochvil interviews Jim Vokal of the Platte Institute on the announcement of Con Agra moving their headquarters out of Omaha.

Jim joins Jerry on a brand new LIVE podcast, via the Periscope app, which includes listener feedback and questions during the show.

Jim discusses his press release as CEO of the Platte Institute urging Nebraska lawmakers to reform the state tax code so more companies will be attracted to Omaha and fewer will want to leave.

They also discuss some of the dynamics of the move — Omaha vs Chicago, the influence Governor Ricketts or Mayor Stothert could have or did have on Con Agra, as well as the political climate surrounding the decision.

They conclude with a few questions from the live podcast viewers as well, on this first truly interactive podcast.


Hear the podcast in its live form (probably not linked forever) via Periscope, which includes the visual viewer/listener feedback.

Also find the Periscope app for Apple and Android at

Jim Vokal on Twitter: @Jim_Vokal, @PlatteInstitute


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