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Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.26.43 PMJerry Kratochvil interviews CNN Congressional Producer, Deirdre Walsh.

Jerry talks with Deirdre Walsh about her experience over the past month covering the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner and the rise of new Speaker Paul Ryan.

Walsh talks about the shock everyone had with the Boehner’s announcement, followed by the shock of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy declining to run for Speaker. She discusses the different Republican Caucuses in the House and how they came to coalesce around Paul Ryan — and what changes House members may look forward to under the new Speaker.

Dee CNN 05They conclude by talking about Walsh’s visit to Omaha back in 2007 for Chuck Hagel’s non-announcement announcement for President, as well as how Walsh and Kratochvil got to know each other.

Twitter: @DeirdreWalshCNN
On the Web: CNN – Deirdre Walsh, Sr. Congressional Producer


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