The Wheels Down Politics Show – Governor Dave Heineman

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Dave HeinemanJerry Kratochvil interviews former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman.

Governor Heineman gives his thoughts on the previous night’s GOP Presidential debate, who he thinks did well, and who didn’t do so well. He discusses what it means to endorse a candidate and how those individuals are then involved with the national campaigns. And he tells about what one sees at the debates during the commercial breaks.

They also discuss the national primary process, and Nebraska’s place in that. Governor Heineman gives his thoughts on the idea of a Republican Caucus in Nebraska, as well as the national primary.

Governor Heineman also talks about what is important in the upcoming Nebraska legislative session, what needs to happen, and whether any lessons can be learned from the experiences of neighboring states.

On this Veterans Day, Governor Heineman tells about his experience as a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and what it was like at Airborne Ranger School.

And finishing up, Kratochvil of course ask former Governor Heineman: “Are you done in politics?”


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