The Wheels Down Politics Show – State Sen. Bill Kintner

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Bill Kintner 01Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner.

Kratochvil and Senator Kintner discuss the beginning of the 2016 Legislative Session, and the first issue Kintner has encountered, as he just left a hearing: open voting for Committee Chairs.

They continue by talking about the turbulent 2015 session and where things went wrong and where they seem to be going. On that note, they discuss the upcoming issues with Medicaid expansion and the Learning Community, among other legislative topics.

They conclude talking about Kintner’s style of conservatism and how he got started in politics and why. We also find out about Kintner’s specialty before he got involved in politics and how he keeps it going today.

On the web: State Senator Bill Kintner
Facebook: Senator Kintner
Twitter: @BillKintner


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