The Wheels Down Politics Show – Mayor Jean Stothert

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Mayor StothertJerry Kratochvil interviews Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

Jerry and Mayor Stothert take a deep dive into the recent Omaha snow storm, snow removal and the plans for future digs out of the deep freeze.

They discuss the planning that goes into 100 trucks plowing the city streets, and what the expectations are, and should be for the average citizen and the snow under their tires.

They then discuss one of the Mayor’s Legislative priorities, City library funding and control (LB 969) and the future of Omaha’s libraries.

They briefly discuss the fire at M’s Pub, and the what will happen next in that location and conclude talking about the new HDR building downtown and what may happen to the buildings on the new acquired space by Omaha Performing Arts.

On the Web: Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert
Facebook: Jean Stothert
Mayor’s Hotline (especially for potholes): 402-444-5555
HDR Development Q&A.


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