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Peterson 03Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson.

Kratochvil and Peterson take a deep dive into the issue of medicinal marijuana in Nebraska — particularly the point of cannabis oil used to combat epilepsy symptoms.

They discuss State Senator Tommy Garrett’s bill in the legislature and some of the competing discussion points — particularly in a letter from the American Epilepsy Society (linked below). They also hit the general marijuana laws in Colorado and Nebraska, as well as the status of Nebraska’s lawsuit against Colorado’s pot law.

A.G. Peterson also expands on his office’s crackdown on sex trafficking in the state and who they are focusing on in their awareness campaign.

They finish up by talking a little about the state of Peterson’s health, as well as how he got from Lincoln to Malibu and back to Lincoln.

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Twitter: @AGDougPeterson
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American Epilepsy Society letter on expansion of CBD in Nebraska


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