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Jeff Fortenberry

Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

Jerry and Congressman Fortenberry hit the ground running talking about the Presidential race, and the Congressman’s thoughts on the current makeup of the Republican field. Fortenberry talks about meeting Carly Fiorina and his early endorsement of her.

He then delves into the other candidates, including Marco Rubio and Donald Trump — and Fortenberry gives his thoughts on the whether or not he would endorse Trump as the Republican nominee for President.

They then dive into one of the biggest issues in Fortenberry’s district — the repair of the Offutt, Strategic Command runway. Fortenberry talks about some of the challenges addressing the runway and his thoughts and information concerning the status.

Fortenberry then shares some of his thoughts on the issue of the genocide in Syria, and the administration’s duty to use that term — genocide. He talks a little about his discussion in Committee with Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the subject and the importance of using the terms that the international community understands and will address.

Scalia+FortenberryThey conclude by talking about Fortenberry’s relationship — particularly as a hunter — with recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Fortenberry talks about a few of their duck hunting trips, what the two of them talked about in the duck blinds, and a gift Scalia gave to Fortenberry after their last hunt. They finish off clearing up a question that some had posed about a little-known hunting society of which Scalia was a member.

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