The Wheels Down Politics Show – J.L. Spray and the GOP Convention Rules controversy

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J.L. SprayJerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska delegate to the GOP Convention Rules Committee, J.L. Spray.

Nebraska National Committeeman, and Nebraska Delegate, J.L. Spray talks to Jerry about the upcoming meeting of the GOP Convention Rules Committee and how it will affect the rest of the convention and the nomination of Donald Trump.

Spray talks about how any Nebraska rules would or could affect how Nebraska delegates vote and what they might see in Cleveland.

Then they get into two of the competing theories for allowing delegates to vote however they’d like , as opposed to the current “requirement” of voting for Trump on the first ballot.

They discuss the “open delegate” concept of Curly Hoagland of North Dakota as well as the “vote your conscience” concept of Kendal Unruh of Colorado.

J.L. gives his thoughts on what could happen, and what is likely to happen in Cleveland. And he also gives his thoughts on what probably should happen.

In closing J.L. also gives some ideas about what could or should happen regarding Republican primaries in election seasons to come.

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