The Wheels Down Politics Show – Brian Buescher at the GOP Platform Committee in Cleveland

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Jerry Kratochvil with Brian Buescher
Jerry Kratochvil with Brian Buescher

Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska delegate Brian Buescher, just back from the 2016 GOP Convention Platform Committee meetings in Cleveland.

Brian tells about some of stranger issues that came before the GOP Platform Committee over the past three days, as well as some of the regular topics as well.

He talks about some of the Nebraska focused planks that he was able to address, and he also gives a bit of a view on the Kansas grouse and Hawaiian chocolate covered nuts.

As the first committee to meet in Cleveland, he also took part in some of the first discussions on what might happen with the “Dump-Trump” delegates, and the likelihood of their success.

He notes what has happened at past conventions, and his thoughts on where things may go this time around.

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Also, be sure to listen to the last podcast with Nebraska delegate J.L. Spray, on the very important Rules Committee which meets later this week. He gives very informative view on the various issues that will come up, especially on the Dump-Trump faction.


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  1. After November, the NDP will still have mayors in Lincoln and Omaha, but the NEGOP will have everything else. Meanwhile, our attorneys will still be playing golf with your attorneys and the rich will be deciding what gets done in this state and who gets to pretend they are doing it. All of us little people are just treading water around the political party yachts while the owners bash them with their oars.

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